Pro Thumb Grip For Xbox One Controller
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Pro Thumb Grip for Xbox One Controller

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  • Increases accuracy for long range weapons
  • Rubberized convex (domed) pad for better control
  • Proven to increase player Kill/Death Ratio
  • Reduces wrist, hand and thumb fatigue

Xbox One thumb grips

The very best Xbox One thumb grips do an excellent job at optimizing the accuracy, in the case of long-range weapons. The same can be said about the Pro Thumb Grip – a reliable item that will allow you to improve your performance.

Enjoy Better Control Round the Clock

Gaming is all about testing your capabilities and limits. And with the best Xbox One controller thumb grips at your side, you can really maximize your control and increase player kill/death ratio.

Say Goodbye to Hand and Thumb Fatigue

A high-quality Xbox One thumb is exactly what you need if you’re troubled by hand and thumb fatigue.

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