HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review

The official name of this computer gaming headset is explicit. That’s because this is one of the best headsets manufactured by HyperX. It features an eye-catching, modern design, as well as super-comfy memory-foam ear cups, and other specifications that make it ideal for gaming, and not only.

Most notably, though, it really sounds incredible – which definitely counts in the entire gaming experience. In fact, it is considered one of best gaming headsets. Let’s have a look at its properties, shall we?




It’s crystal clear that the design of this game headset catches your attention. The perforated aluminum forks, together with the subtle use of bright red, and the brushed material – these are all details that create a modern assemble. Without a doubt, it looks more expensive than it is – which is definitely an attractive point.

Plus, it comes accompanied by a protective pouch. Therefore, if you want to use this headset while you travel, you can do that and prevent it from tearing or wearing down excessively.

Gaming Performance

Now let’s move on to the real stuff – namely the headset’s gaming performance. Supposedly, you’re an avid gamer looking for quality headphones that offers good value. Being equipped with HyperX's new Dual Chamber Driver technology, we could say that this performs surprisingly well.

The technology aims at separating the lows from the highs. Therefore, the sound delivered is less-distorted and clear. The result is excellent – meaning that these gaming headphones could help you improve your gaming performance. While testing it, we noticed that the clarity of the sound makes it very easy to spot the enemies. In addition to that, the background sounds, as well as the notable, bass explosions stood out.

All in all, this headset is a fantastic companion for gaming – making the entire experience more lifelike and real. It goes without saying that sound quality is primordial when it comes to gaming. So, the highs of piercing sword slices were distinguishable, just as the lows of big explosions. Even the tiniest background noises were noticeable – such as the subtle wind or the movement of tree branches.

On a different note, this gaming headset is a suitable option for shooters, as well. That’s because directionality is of utmost importance for shooters and it makes it easier to hear the enemies approaching. 


Gaming should be enjoyable. And in order to make this experience top-notch, the headsets you choose definitely play an important role. We weren’t disappointed by the HyperX Alpha, when it comes to comfort, because they are just as comfy as they seem. The memory foam ear pads are utterly soft, featuring a cushion-like feel.

In addition to that, the frame is quite lightweight. Therefore, you won’t feel any pressure if you’ll be wearing the gaming earphones for many hours to come. We could say that we didn’t feel the urge to take the headset down, even after many hours have passed.

And while these headphones are really comfy, there is a minor complaint we’d like to mention. The ear cups feel a bit snugger than other models we’ve tested. But it’s nothing too drastic. The thing is that the feeling of tightness could eventually make the ears feel too warm.

All in All

In a nutshell, this is definitely one of the best gaming headphones out there – considering its convenient price. The design is sturdy, attractive and comfortable, allowing you to wear the device for hours in a row. The performance of the microphone is stellar, as well as the sound quality. It is challenging to find a similar product in this price range that would compete with the Alpha.