High Speed Car Charger for Nintendo Switch Review

The 5V 4.8A high speed car charger adopter for Nintendo switch is one of the best car charger adopter. Manufactured by YCCTEAM, it features a stylish and sleek look, intelligent circuit design as well as offers many other specifications that bring ease and efficiency to the user at the same time.

The new state of art High Speed Car Charger for Nintendo Switch is super-fast, have dual charging port and comes with 6.6 ft. USB to Type-C charging cable. Let’s have a detailed look at its properties and how it gives a friendly user experience.


high speed car charger for Nintendo switch reviews



The beautiful design of high speed car charger adopter offers a unique and stylish look. Provided with internal LED light for working status signal and two eye catching colours, matte black and metallic silver. It has the ability to catch the attention of every one on first look.

The Chargers is portable and is very compact and small in size. It can be fit in any pocket making it easier to carry on the go.


The charger comes with 6.6ft/2m USB to Type-C charging cable making play and charge at the same time conveniently. The cable has a reversible connector that plugs in the right way every time. It is made with strict compliance and uses 56kΩ pull up resistor for unbeatable safety and reliability.


The 5 volts 4.8 ampere High speed charger has an intelligent circuit design that protects against short circuit and any kind of fluctuation, keeping it safe from any damage due to uneven flow of electricity. It also helps in protection of Nintendo switch from over-charging.

So now you don’t have to worry about your device from any damage as it is well protected.


Dual port

If you are charging Nintendo and your phone battery is low, the High Speed Car Charger offers a solution for this as well. The high speed car charger comes with dual port which is a bonus feature for its users. You can charge two devices at the same time with the same high speed. Just plug in the connector and enjoy super-fast charging for both devices simultaneously.


The YCCTEAM offers a 1 Year Warranty. Buy with confidence. If for any reason you are not happy with the product, we will issue full refund or replace it free of charge. No questions asked!

You will not find a similar product in this price range so hurry up. Also the company offers free shipping for the order of two high speed car chargers.