Elgato Stream Deck Review

Elgato has set its eyes on streamers and keeps providing them with tools that can help them during their streams. One of these products, the Elgato capture card, allows you to stream from TV to computer, PS4 Hard Drive, and even PS4 external hard drive.

But even though this amazing invention allows you to have PS4 HD quality, streaming is not that easy. You can get lost in the number of things you have to do, so Elgato came up with the Elgato stream deck It is basically a keypad that contains shortcuts, so you don’t have to struggle with your keyboard.

But why does it cost so much? Let’s see how it justifies the cost.


Elgato Stream Deck Review



There’s not much to say when it comes to its design, because it’s pretty simple and easy to use. It’s black, and it looks like a remote control. It features 15 LCD keys that could be set to whatever shortcuts you need when streaming.


As already mentioned, it comes with 15 buttons that are arranged in three rows of five. Each of these buttons has a small screen. These screens allow you to choose shortcuts for certain actions you want to do during a stream.

The product as a whole has 118 x 84 x 21mm, so it’s about the size of a gaming mouse. Each button has 72x72 pixels, and they are all full color. It has a USB cable that will be connected to your PC, and it will power the device. The stream deck’s body feels like a heavy-duty ABS plastic, while the top panel is made of aluminum.


The Stream Deck itself wouldn’t work without the software. So, the package that you can buy contains it too.

This software allows you to set the keys to whatever you want during a stream. You can control donations or even feature a funny gif. It has some functions including launching executables, key combination hotkeys, media controls and include text-block entry.

Moreover, the product is compatible with many streaming and broadcasting services. Some of them are Streamlabs, OBS Studios, Xsplit, and Elgato’s Game Capture.

You can choose from a wide variety of commands to use, and some of them are recording start/stop, streaming start/stop, inserting media, changing scenes and others.

Moreover, the software works with services such as Twitch and YouTube as well. So, the commands allow you to interact with your fanbase. Doesn’t it sound amazing?


It works great for streamers, especially during an intense League of Legends match. You have 15 functions you can choose from to take a certain action. For instance, you can set a message that will appear in the chatbox once you press a button.

You can also interact with your audience in an easier way, and you can even control donations and easily switch through tabs. No need to memorize all of those keyboard controls – the stream deck is at your service.

Bottom Line

Elgato has blessed you with the stream deck – a tool that will make your streams more fun and easier to manage. Whether you decide to stream from your computer or console, this Stream Deck will definitely help you improve your production quality. It may be a bit expensive, but it certainly is a great investment to interract with your audience.