Elgato Green Screen Review

Are you a youtuber or streamer? Then you’ve most likely wondered how you can increase your videos’ quality by getting rid of the messy room background. Editing videos takes some skills, but Elgato will be your hero. This easy green screen could let you set whatever background you want and have more professional-looking videos or streams.

Most of the times, green screens come with very expensive prices that make you want to give up on editing. However, the Elgato screen may be the best green screen in terms of effectiveness versus price. It’s easy to use and affordable. Still, why should you consider this product?

Read on to find out!



It’s not only a green material that you hang on a wall. What is amazing is the fact that this green screen is made of a pneumatic frame with spring-loaded retraction. Basically, it’s easy to retract it during a video as well.

It has a housing that is made out of resistant metal. This means that it won’t damage easily in case it takes a hit. It’s not recommended to try that, though. Each end has two latches that let you close and snug it.

The green screen green material is of high quality too. It’s anti-wrinkle, so you won’t have to worry about the smooth surface deteriorating. The material is called Dacron, which is known to be resistant to wrinkles. However, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to any kind of damage. You shouldn’t crumble the material intentionally, or you will regret it.

So, you can easily place the green screen on the ground. When you extend it, the screen sits at 5.9 feet, and under five feet wide. So, it can fit pretty much anywhere.


The green screen has a sturdy base, coming out of a bottom aluminum case and it can be pulled up. The bottom will not allow your green screen to topple over, and it will hold it in place without any difficulty.

Moreover, the wrinkle-resistant material is amazing. It’s very smooth and flat, and you won’t have as many issues as you have with the usual green screens. It’s very easy to store as well because it’s not too big.

You don’t feel like streaming and the green screen is in your way? That’s not a problem. You can easily remove it out of your way, and you can store it somewhere else for later. The screen can be unlocked and pushed inside the aluminum case. After closing it, you can put it in a safe place to use later.

This is an advantage because regular green screens are attached to the wall, and this doesn’t look too flattering for your room décor. You can’t remove them either. Therefore, the Elgato green screen is a great choice, as you don’t have to ruin your room for it.

Also, it makes your life easier when streaming. Tired of your messy looking room that makes people talk about your lifestyle rather than your gameplay? No need to worry. The green screen backgrounds you could choose make it easy to hide anything. Not only that your videos will be more professional-looking, but they’ll be more fun to watch as well.

Final Thoughts

Your life as a streamer is about to become easier. People will be more drawn to your videos, and you will gain more followers. All because you invested in a high-quality green screen that allows you to play with fun backgrounds.

You can find the Elgato green screen online. The price is definitely worth it for the anti-wrinkle characteristic and easy-to-use features.