DXRacer Gaming Chair Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB Review

Aren’t you tired of the old gaming chair that gives you insupportable back pains and makes you wish you were never into gaming in the first place? Well, the DXRacer Gaming Chair Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB comes to your aid.

It exists to release you and your back from all the suffering. It comes with a head/neck pillow and lumbar pillow that can be adjusted. The material keeps you comfy and ensures you can play safely, without worrying you will be in agony for the rest of your days. So, what makes this pc gaming chair so special? Let’s see!


DXRacer Gaming Chair Reviews and Feedback



The chair looks just ready to handle your gaming outbursts. It has a sporty design that shows exactly why it was created. The design is extremely beautiful, and the colors come in a great combination as well, black and blue. Also, this gaming seat is available in vinyl upholstery fabric.

What is amazing is the fact that it comes with head-supporting and lumbar-reinforcing pads that are meant to offer you comfort. They are nicely integrated into the frame. It also has tilt/tensioning, armrest and backrest height. It comes in 27 x 21 x 50 inches.

Moreover, it comes with cold cure foam filling, which makes it even more comfortable when you use it for many hours. It also has a tubular steel frame and a nylon star base.



Let’s see why so many game streamers choose this chair to be their ally during the worst League of Legends matches. The comfort and luxury of this computer gaming chair are the main reasons for this. Basically, these chairs can be lowered to comfortable positions to even allow you to nap during late hours.

They come with ventilated racer-seat materials to offer you amazing feels whenever you’re too tired after a hardcore gaming session. The video game chair offers you the possibility to rest your neck, head, back and arms so you are always comfortable. It has seat pan elevation adjustments. Additionally, it enhances your comfort while aligning your spine to sit in the right position.

The backrest is high, and the neck and lumbar pads are detachable. The backrest allows you to adjust it along 180 degrees of arc as well. The armrests are height-adjustable too, and there are elevating gas springs for the seat pan. Therefore, it makes your life easier by meeting the needs of your computer or office desk.

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Gaming shouldn’t be something that gives you headaches. It should be enjoyable and make you forget about the world’s problems for a while. The right gaming chair will definitely make a big difference. The comfort this one offers is something else – it feels just as comfy as it seems.

The chair is adjustable, so you can sit in whatever position you feel like when playing your favorite games. It’s not like one of those chairs that make you want to give up on gaming and just sit in bed all day – it offers you a high level of luxury. Also, if you get lazy, it’s easy to help yourself with the chair’s wheels and go to the other part of the room.

The only minor complaint would be that it may feel a bit firm when it’s new and that it’s pretty heavy.


Bottom Line

This is definitely one of the best choices you could make when it comes to gaming chairs. It has a wild and attractive design, and it’s more comfortable than you could imagine. At its price, this chair provides you with adjustment settings to keep you happy and willing to play. In the end, it is a great investment.